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                                Fuel Tax Recovery Services
Businesses that purchase diesel fuel or gasoline used in off-highway equipment may be eligible to receive Federal and State fuel tax refunds.

Specific examples that may qualify for fuel tax refunds include:

bullet Construction equipment: backhoes, bulldozers, earthmovers
bullet Landscaping equipment: blowers, mowers, power saws
bullet Certain intercity and local busses
bullet On a farm for farming purposes
bullet Compressors and generators
bullet Refrigerated (reefer) trucks
bulletGarbage trucks
bullet Cement mixers
bullet School busses
bullet Forklifts

Fuel purchased for exclusive use by a state, county or local government agency is also eligible for a fuel tax exemption or alternatively, a fuel tax refund.

We will review client equipment inventory and fuel purchasing records as the first step in our recovery process. Next we will produce a summary report that illustrates the tax recovery potential. Following a review meeting, we will prepare the proper tax agency documentation for submittal. We work on a contingency basis; our tax recovery service fee is based on a percentage of the refunds that our clients receive.

We would be pleased to evaluate your fuel tax recovery potential; contact us for a free evaluation.